A nice stylish photo of Hitler & 5 Photos wearing a Top Hat


[I like some of the photos of Hitler in suits and especially with a Top Hat on. But this plain photo someone posted on the social media is really nice. Look closely at the way Hitler combed his hair. I think that’s the stylish artist in him coming out. I think it looks nice!

The other thing we must never forget is Hitler’s use of the Swastika on a red flag. Those NAZIs were very stylish. Also don’t forget that Hugo Boss (which is a big name in fashion design these days), designed the SS Uniforms. You can say what you like but the NAZIs had style and that style still looks good and is far better than anything we’ve seen since. Jan]

Here are some photos of Hitler with a Top Hat! That was the fashion in those days, and Hitler is looking cool.

Note the Iron Cross that Hitler has on his jacket on the photo below. That was his medal for bravery from WW1.  


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