A Nazi is someone standing in the way of Jewish Globalism

[This is from a friend of mine in the USA. This is from a Democratic shitbag who talks his crap about NAZIs. But I like these comments below written by an American about "what is a NAZI". And indeed, one could define a NAZI in this way. Yes, a NAZI is the primary opponent of filthy Jewish Globalism, Multiracialism and everything that destroys the European Race. Jan]

A Nazi is someone standing in the way of Jewish Globalism.

Hitler was such a person and had the way and means of killing them all; but didn’t. Ah, that’s Ok, we’ll still hate him.

They murdered the Czar of Russian and his family, then put that nation into the blast furnace for 70 years. A few decades ago, they lost a little power and the hate for that country began.

Soon, their messiah, the Beast, will pop up and your heart will stop.

Biden, whose mother was a Jew, his 1st wife was a Jew, his 2nd wife a Jew and most, if not all, his new Cabinet members are Jews. Does that make you wonder?


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