A Lesson from Canada: Whites: No time for depression & hopelessness: JUST KEEP GOING FORWARD!!!

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About 15 years ago, I made contact with a white lady in Canada who was a follower of my old website. At the time she was already a National Socialist. I recall a few years later asking her how she felt about things in Canada (several years before I actually got a chance to go to Canada). She sounded extremely despondent about life and hope for whites.

She had her ups and downs, and she and I kept in touch.

I made it clear to her that we must all keep going and that some of her non-action was counterproductive and that we could move forward but that it wasn’t easy.

She was quiet for quite some time, when I saw a post from her today. Then I asked her why she had been quiet and this was her reply:

I am working to get info out.

Now I need to do more.

Claire …. said we must go directly to one of our elected officials alone if necessary to show our sovereignty. My councillor wants to meet now I just have to set the day and time

So here we have this Canadian lady just ploughing on forward. No need to wait for anyone. Just keep going. Just keep ploughing forward. I urge all whites to just keep on ploughing forward. DON’T WAIT FOR OTHERS. Do anything YOU CAN! Use your own initiative and determination.

The above lady also went and learned how to do public speaking and she also tried to convery her message that way.

There are some determined whites in Canada, led by the determined Paul Fromm. Just keep on, no matter how massive the problem appears to be.

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