A Jewish Hell called Germany: Alfred Schaefer stands up for Germans in WW2 – Fined $6000 immediately!


[Alfred Schaefer was in court on Friday. Here is a short summary of it done by someone whose German isn’t perfect. But it gives us a quick insight into what happened in Dresden on Friday. I’m very impressed that Alfred stood up for his people and for the correct history of the past! He dared to say what needs to be said. The most important thing in this is that every word he says is written in the court record and is there for decades to come. He told the truth and despite whatever hatred the Jews may have, it is now there for all to see. Of course other Germans have also gone to jail for telling the truth. But Alfred is doing an EXCELLENT job of telling the truth in the open. I will bet you that as much as the system had to punish him, I wonder how many in their hearts agree with what Alfred said? This is why ALL us whites must tell the truth and keep on repeating the truth endlessly. The Jews have tried to fill the world with their lies. Its time that all whites stand together and defend each other based on the truth and reality.

Alfred is honoring the brave dead who fought for the truth. All of us whites should be doing this. We must stand shoulder to shoulder and defend our heritage, our past and our ancestors who with their bravery and ingenuity helped to create our world for us.

Alfred knows his trial is rigged from the beginning. And he was fined almost $6,000 for the things he said. But he did his duty as a German. And all of us must do the same. We must do our duty as whites regardless of what happens. Alfred and the other Germans are excellent examples for us.

John Kaminski was kind enough to send me this quick translation done by Herta. Jan]

THE HEADLINE—-  62 Year old Alfred Schaefer, a Holocaust Denier is judged.
He was looking for a platform and he got it.
Alfred Schaefer, the 62 Year old German Canadian from Bavaria, who said on Friday in District Court .  I am happy about this process and pleased to be able to tell the Truth in the open.

At another time he spoke about an Inquisition and because of that his Gallows
Judgement is already long established.

Alfred is familiar with the Justice System and has many times spoken of the People -hatred in front of the German Court but has so far not been arrested.

More then 30 People followed the proceedings and those, like Alfred were also around the age of about 60. The wanted to support the accused.

On the 11th of February Alfred Schaefer was at the sentencing of Gerhard Ittner and about 200 People attended those proceedings.
The purpose was the 72nd Anniversary of the Bombing of Dresden.

Schaefer said out loud that this City was of no Military importance but was occupied at the time by Women and children, Refugees of the East German Territories.

After the War Schaefer said that the Might of the Bankers declared all Germans as evil and gave them the name Nazi. Whenever anything occurred the name Nazi was again conjured up. But this is simply a Phantom or Fantasy of the Bankers. Schaefer was critical saying that we  no longer know what is the lie or what is the Truth.  He said that many of the alleged crimes of the National Socialists are not proven.  At the end he tried to relativise the Crimes of the National Socialists.

Then, as his supporters were still talking they had to leave the room. He was fined the sum of 5,000.00 Euros.

So, this is the Outcome in a Nutshell and I hope it is a decent enough translation. I am very happy Alfred is not in Jail like Monika. But, so far so good.
Best regards, Herta


One thought on “A Jewish Hell called Germany: Alfred Schaefer stands up for Germans in WW2 – Fined $6000 immediately!

  • 9th September 2018 at 6:55 pm

    What is the date of this?
    It appears to be old news.
    Herr Schaefer may still be imprisoned.


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