A Great White man Jew-wise, Jew-exposing Christian Mel Gibson…


[Someone copied me on this message. I totally agree with this. Mel Gibson may be a Christian, but he is a good white man. He's whacked the Jews hard AND he actually can stand tall. I have a lot of respect for that man. He's probably the only actor who had any balls and above all, who can be looked up to. Vatican II was a Jewish scam, a big one, successfully pulled on the Roman Catholic Church. The big Jewish move was to get off the hook for killing Jesus. Jan]

Hi Guys and Gals,
For those not in the know Mel Gibson is very seriously "jew wise", (anti-semetic shld be a non-word amongst us as it is meaningless). He created Icon film distributors years before making the Passion of the Christ, because he knew the other (all jewish) film distributors wld not distribute it to the cinemas. So when it was ready to go out, he had his own distribution company (and who thinks he is just a bimbo). Once Mel had the film out the jews gave in and distributed it, because they did not want to miss out on the money now it was out anyway!

His Father Hutton is also extremely "jew wise" and his sect of Roman Catholicism does not recognise Vatican II, which among other ugly things repudiated the Church’s claim that the jews worked towards and ensured that Jesus Christ was murdered. I had the fortune of knowing 2 of Huttons good friends of his in Au, whom I won’t name.

Here is a little of what the jews think. It is Mel’s "Rap Sheet". More like an honour roll.
You will also notice Mel only Produces or stars in certain movies that he choses, ie he wld not do "Schindler’s List" not that Spielberg wasted his time sending him the script! So if you see a Mel movie being advertised – go see it!


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