A FEW SANE, EXCELLENT WHITE BRITS left: reader comment on Lasha Darkmoon’s article about stupid Jewish Britain clown country…

[LMAO at the above. That’s because Britain sent the WRONG CRIMINALS to Australia! They should have sent those high level JEWISH CRIMINALS INSTEAD!

One of her readers made a really good comment, worth considering, about the EU versus the USA. Which is the most Jew controlled?

Remember, a large number of Jewish scum left Europe in WW2 … which, despite the horrors of the stupid Jew-infested Allies, did leave Europe in a healthier state.

Having less Jews in your territory is like having LESS CANCER CELLS in your body – ITS A GREAT THING!

I totally agree with those comments below that I highlighted. Look at the future of Britain! The Brit is describing a Jewish Jamaican clown country. Jan]

@ John Kirby

“The main thing is that he [Boris Johnson] is determined to get us out of the EU.

With all due respect, I think you miss the point. We are all ardent Brexiters here—none more so than Lasha Darkmoon—but getting Britain out of the EU is no longer the issue. Why would you want Britain to be out of the EU if it means ENSLAVEMENT TO AMERICA? and DOMINATION BY INTERNATIONAL JEWRY?

I’m sorry, but you obviously haven’t read the article or made any sense of it.

How can you back a man who is now outed as as a JEW? Who has two other JEWS supporting him (Dominic Raab and Grant Schapps)? And as Foreign Secretary and Chancellor, Jew Boris appoints a PAKISTANI and an INDIAN?

Quite happy to see the country run by Jews, Indians and Pakistanis, are you? ?


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