A fantastic project for Whites Only … but Jews always sneaking into white’s only projects


One of my supporters was involved in a project to do something really good for whites. Its a very lovely project, and I won’t give out the details until I’m allowed to. However, my supporter was doing technical, software work on the project. Then my supporter told me that the project is really great … EXCEPT … he began to realise that the person running the project is a JEW … and there were some rather strange requests from this Jew in charge.

I’m still busy gathering data on this project and will ask more. But I just wanted to make the point that Jews are constantly sneaking into our stuff … ALL THE TIME.

And when I look at the various Jewish requests, the Jew was basically trying to monopolise this project for the benefit of a small group of people whereas my supporter wanted this to be open and FREE FOR ALL WHITES.

I think my supporter may have dumped the Jew and be pursuing this lovely project along with others, and his goal is to make it open to all whites. Its actually a fantastic project, and its somewhat … somewhat … along the lines of bitchute. But its not videos. It is something that, once unleashed, cannot be censored by Jews.

I don’t want to say more, but what it is, is AWESOME … the greatest thing since Gab, and since Bitchute … truly an incredible project that will benefit all of us, in the typical spirit of whites, to give things for FREE to our people.

Truly lovely stuff. And it will be unstoppable. Jews will NOT be able to censor it.

However, the only problem here was the f*cking Jew running it and doing his normal Jewish crap. To my knowledge, the project is still going, without the Jew and its already looking awesome. My supporter has seized it and is running with it, for the benefit of our race! 14/88

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