5 Pics: IMPORTANT: High Level Jews at work in Russia! – Also: Putin & the Jews!

[Dennis Wise posted this. I did not know there were so many Jews at a high level in Russia doing the same as they are doing in the USA and Europe. I had suspected it because of all the Jewish billionaires in Russia. Some had fled Russia to live in Israel and yet run their Russian businesses from the filthy little state of Israel.

Putin pretends to be a Christian, but it seems to me that Christians in Russia struck a deal with the KGB communist Putin and Christianity is holding up Putin. I’ve seen posts from whites that the school system in Russia is collapsing under Putin.

Putin is also seen often with many Jews. So there are big red flags there in Russia too.

This confirms my view that there is no major country out there that is Jew-FREE. The last such nation, truly was Hitler’s Germany, and the Spanish too! The Spanish had kicked the Jews out for over 500 years and it is only, SADLY, in recent years that the Spanish have allowed the filthy Jew scum back in. But we should give credit to the Spanish that they are the whites who have kicked the Jews out and kept the Jews out for the longest by far! A great achievement! Jan]

epa05111594 Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar (R) meet with representatives of the European Jewish Congress in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, 19 January 2016. Others are not identified. EPA/MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV /SPUTNIK/KREMLIN MANDATORY CREDIT: SPUTNIK

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