5 Memes/Pics: White people AWAKEN the EUROPE IN YOU!!!! – White men are brothers! – My ideas…


[These photos send a really GREAT MESSAGE to whites! I love the photos of the children and the messages herein. We ARE a strong people. We are NOT WEAK – not mentally and not physically. I also like the meme about femininity being beautiful. I wish the white women would change back to the way they were. Our system for tens of thousands of years made the man the head of the household, but the man also had to fight and die in defense of society. That is the male task! In our race, a male-dominated system where the women support the men, has always worked best.

Its time for our race to return to our roots. Our race is in BIG TROUBLE. Its time to be what we are. And Europe is of critical importance to our race. I would like to see all future white ethnostates around the world with a singular loyalty to Europe. In fact, we should form white ethnostates whereever we live, and all those ethnostates should become a part of the European Union or whatever political structure we create in Europe. We must make decisions that will be good for our entire race, regardless of which continent we live on. Our positions on different continents will benefit us all and will allow our race to once again have the world as our oyster. Then we will prosper and expand as never before.

All our greatest science and engineering comes from Europe. Our culture, our history … the very basis for our successes comes from Europe. In the last century, Europe’s Empires dwindled and were destroyed and everything was lost. There must be a GREATER EUROPE in the future – a true SUPER POWER … the only true super power on the planet … a super power that will make the USA, Russia and China look like tin pot states. Europe was the greatest power on Earth bar none. And Britain must be incorporated into that state, by force if necessary. It is long overdue that Britain was kicked into line to stop being the divisive little Jewish controlled nuisance that it has become. I would also like to see whites in Russia become a part of this greater Europe.

And don’t forget our allies in Asia, the Japanese! They are fine people!  Jan]

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