4 Pics: THE MIRACLES OF THE WHITE RACE: From Denmark: The awesome Viking Longships!


[Every day at my house, I hear a noise outside, and its either a jet aircraft or a helicopter. I often go outside to go and look. I always take the time to look for the jet aircraft. I look at it with appreciation. I know that what I’m looking at is a MIRACLE that comes from THE WHITE RACE I belong to! I know that I’m looking at something utterly fantastic that no other race has achieved. That aircraft flying in the sky is a miracle in every conceivable way. Its speed, height, etc – everything beyond that which any animal ever achieved is the result of OUR FANTASTIC RACE! I’m watching an incredible miracle. Our race is responsible 100% for the miracle of flight. We dreamed of flying. We dreamed of flying like the birds and we are doing it better than the birds! We fly faster and higher than any bird. Aircraft weighing hundreds of tons take gracefully to the sky and they make it look easy, but in fact our fantastic race makes the difficult, and even the deadly things look easy and we do it safely as if its normal.

Look around you and appreciate the many miracles that come from our race only. Things which we dreamed of and only we made it happen!

A Danish NAZI sent me some photos of an actual Viking long ship! I love these photos. I’m a fan of the Vikings. We’ll discuss these farmers from the north whom we know as the Vikings! The Vikings were a fantastic, energetic people. Like many others in our race they had their strengths and weaknesses. Their ability to explore and to attack from the ocean makes them quite unique. I know of no group of people of our race who traveled the seas in large numbers with such incredible ease. (The Romans did some damned cool things too with ships). But the vikings travelled the Atlantic and even settled in Greenland where they lived for a 1,000 years I think.

Our race’s ability to navigate the oceans is actually one of our grandest achievements before we invented aircraft and submarines and spacecraft! We must also give credit where it is due to the British whose breakthroughs in navigation were amazing. Everything we do is beyond the ability of other races. The mathematics and technical skill which allowed the British to crack the problem of navigation is something that no other race could even come close to achieving. We are hundreds, but more likely thousands of years ahead of others. In Rhodesia we said that we were 10,000 years ahead of the blacks. I firmly believe that. (Even that may have been an estimate that was too optimistic).

Just take a look at this long ship. What an elegant design. Remember that over 1,000 years ago, this type of ship, filled with brave, adenturous white men was sailing all along the European, British coasts and up to America which our race made their own!

No Jew did this. No black did this. Even the Asians were not as adventurous as the whites. The Chinese once had a massive fleet and the way they behaved was very different to the whites. We whites made the sea our own. This is what gave us dominance of the planet before the age of aircraft.

What I particularly like about sailing ships, was that these were FREE ENERGY VEHICLES! Ok, the Vikings could also row. The Viking design I think also allowed them to sail their ships long distances up rivers! This particular design was truly the 4×4 of its day. And these Vikings could move around in a way that was quite unique. This, coupled with their military skill made them quite a force to be reckoned with.

Believe it or not, but the Vikings were actually FARMERS! They were fertile farmers who had lots of babies and their population explosion caused them to EXPAND! Now we whites must EXPAND again.

Just last night Alex Linder and I were chatting about our race and we were discussing the need for our race to EXPAND and CONQUER again! Why are so many Whites crammed into tiny Europe? Why is it that our race has the least territory of any of the races?

We are a race of workers, explorers, builders, conquerors and killers! We have every right to live and should do so with gusto and enthusiasm!

We must remember our fantastic forefathers. The ONLY crime which we must CEASE and DESIST from, is fighting each other! That is the only sad thing about the past.

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