4 Photos: The first Black member of the British Royal Family: Prince Harry, Meghan Markel & her black mother…

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I found this article on an excellent white website. The link to them is on the bottom. They have more pics and more of the story on their site. Check them out.

This business of Prince Harry marrying a coloured (South African definition: 1/2 white, 1/2 black) woman who is a Hollywood star, Meghan Markel is interesting.

This brings to mind something I heard in recent years. I’m wracking my brain to figure out where I heard it. But I was speaking to someone here in South Africa a few years ago. This person was telling me that friends of his had met Prince Harry. What I was told was that Prince Harry and his friends had been travelling through South Africa (quietly – not a peep of it in the newspapers anywhere) and they were partying and carrying on. From what I was told Harry was quite a party animal. Its the first and only time I’ve ever spoken to anyone who claimed to know anything about the Royal Family and this stood out for me. I found it quite astounding. I questioned the person quite a lot and was assured this was true and apparently Harry was having quite a time with the girls. The source for this was white and my understanding was that Harry was having his way with local white South African women. But my understanding was that he is quite a party animal.

I have had my own experience here in South Africa with people keeping secrets. I assure you the Mass Media can be utterly quiet on many things. The bank I worked for brought in the non-white American magician David Blane into South Africa for a bank event I was present at in September 2011. Normally the arrival of foreign stars and people like Blane and Prince Harry would be headlines across South African newspapers. But not so. I sat at a bank event a few feet away from David Blane when he did his close-up magic. I even have a photo of it I snapped quietly. All this was hush hush. The bank event was so quiet that married bank employees were not even allowed to bring their spouses to the event. So I have personal experience of how things can be hushed up and not a whisper can get out.

So to me, when I was told that Harry and his pals were travelling through South Africa and they were partying away, to me it sounded like a real possibility. I’ll keep on digging. I can’t remember who told this to me. But I heard this a few years ago.

On Saboteur365’s website they had this photo of her at school. Look at her nose and lips and how that’s changed. Looks as if she’s had a bit of surgery done since then.

Here’s the shocker. Look at her mother!

Another look at her mother:

The fact that Meghan is Jewish doesn’t surprise me. The Jews created some coloureds of their own while they lived in South Africa. Trevor Noah is one such product. I did a video about him because many people don’t realise his Jewish links. I knew a black who went to school with Trevor Noah. Here’s the video I did about him: Video: Black Jews: Is Trevor Noah Jewish? – http://historyreviewed.best/index.php/2017/05/11/video-black-jews-trevor-noah-jewish/

Saboteur has done other articles about this coloured Jewess. In one of them at the link below you’ll see mention that the Jews are crowing about the “Jewish princess” they’ll have in the Royal Family. Rest assured the Jewish propaganda and lying machine will go into action.

As for the British Royal family: The last true king of England was a NAZI who approved of Hitler. I suspect the Jews set him up to get him kicked out and that is how Elizabeth came to be the Queen – for longer than Mugabe ruled!

I have no respect for the “British Royal Family” and remember that they are GERMANS (possibly Jewish Germans). They changed their name to Windsor in 1917. You can look that up. The Royal Family used to speak German in the household back then. But now they’re just a freaking joke.

Here is Saboteur’s original article and other photos: https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/tag/meghan-markle/

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