3 Pics: Greek Scientist says Corona Virus could have been manufactured & vaccine ready beforehand


[A Scientist in Greece was saying that the corona virus could be manufactured and that the vaccine already existed before the outbreak. I went to the Greek website and ran these translations and took screen shots. I urge people to always save important things. Things have a tendency to disappear off the Internet, this is why I always copy and keep important things. Get into the habit of doing the same.

I believe this scientist has also been fired for making these statements.

I’m also very curious about this virus outbreak hitting so early in the year of a presidential election wherein the Jews are wildly determined to get rid of Trump, not that he’s done much that means anything for whites. This madness will surely run through the year and you’ll hear never-ending stories about “… How Trump killed Americans with corona virus … yawn…”. Is the corona virus the 911 of the 2020s?

There was also a video in Greek, where this scientist was talking. I downloaded it, but don’t understand Greek. I wish someone would translate it in full. Jan]

Here are the screen shots of the English translation of the article I did:

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