3 Pics: DISGUSTING National Geographic boldly promotes the destruction of White Europe!!!

The other day I posted this article which drew a lot of interest from whites: The War Against Whites in Advertising – My comments about the Jewish influence in this – http://historyreviewed.best/?p=6809.

Then one of my supporters sent me something just as disgusting. Take a look at this incredible front page of National Geographic and its open suggestion that Europe will “evolve” into being non-white. Look at the provocative photo suggesting that white women and black men get together. This is from May 2017.

I’ve noticed in recent years that it seems to me as if the Jews have got a hold of National Geographic and they’re using it to promote their goals every now and then. They’re using NG’s massive base and influence and using it to promulgate anti-white ideas under the guise of “science” and “reality” and “the inevitable”.

Just read some of the sections above: Reshaping a Continent!

But look at how cunningly statements are made: “Winning the war against Racism!” Oh really? You mean by winning the war against “racism” you end up destroying whites? That’s really what the implication is.

Then it goes on to attack racial identity by saying: “Cultural Identity Myths”.

Finally, notice another cunning twist: “The benefits of biracial children!” Are you shitting me? There’s going to be benefits to white Europe when there are coloured/mixed race children?

The entire issue is an attack on whites, and it seems to me there may be (Jewish) (((sophistry))) at work here. i.e. Plausible sounding arguments that are actually FALLACIOUS!! That is the top specialty of the Jews!

Here is another National Geographic cover called “The New Europeans” and it too has this theme of “reshaping a continent!” They’re not thinking about reshaping Africa, or South America or Asia. It is always white countries that are being “reshaped!”

Why is nobody discussing the Kalergi plan from the 1920s to breed whites into a mixed race? It strikes me as interesting that this plan comes from the 1920s. I strongly suspect that there was a big rise in anti-semitism across Europe and the Western world following the Bolshevik revolution and knowledge that it was a Jewish project. So it seems to me as if the Kalergi plan was hatched then already to destroy the whites of Europe because they were seen as being “anti-semitic” many years before Hitler came to power! It is my guess that this is why that idea originated at that time! That is typical of the way the arrogant Jewish filth think.

Well, we whites must see to it that we do NOT die out, and that we will increase massively in number in the future and take our nations and lands back!




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