2020 Jews are giving it their EVERYTHING to cheat Trump – Its 2000 all over again, but WORSE!

[One of my readers in the USA, a lady, wrote these comments at 2:30am. At the time that I'm writing this in South Africa it is 4:30am in New York. So the fight is on. All I will comment to Dani is: Don't feel bad about the NEW LOWS the USA is hitting. This is to be expected. This is what happens from Jewish influence. It just keeps going down. Your remark about race being a part of the twist in this is most interesting. They're trying every trick in the book it seems. Alex and I will follow up with a #TeamWhite show on this in a week's time. Trump has said he's not going accept it. I'm sure he won't take it lying down. He pulled off a massive feat last time, and I'm still confident that he's much better placed than 2016. He'll fight tooth and nail. He won't accept nonsense. He's the valid president of the USA, the valid leader, WHITES VOTED FOR HIM IN DROVES! Jews are trying to pretend this is not so. Jan]

2:39 a.m., Wednesday Nov. 4

Dani wrote:

Jan, I specifically picked this article to make my comment on. It’s almost 2:30am and the latest round of Jewish shenanigan BULLSHIT has commenced. We are going to have the 2000 election all over again. I was totally expecting this but hoped I would be wrong. I just can’t believe how blatant it is. I was watching the election result show on Fox News and they have their long time, heavy-hitter people working the desk and I see through everything they are saying and it’s apparent these people knew this shit was going to happen. This is going to be very ugly and now when Trump wins, which of course he has to, the disgusting and radical freak show left/democrats are going to be more out of control than ever. It may be weeks before we find out. Oh, and would you believe they are already dropping little antagonistic hints on making this election about RACE??? They are already making Pennsylvania the scapegoat – and ESPECIALLY Philadelphia, which is a city that is a perfect example of what happens when you give in to the blacks and let them run things. These Jews running the United States are giving it everything they’ve got to try and start a race war here, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

This is another new low for the U.S.A. and they know what this nonsense is going to do to the majority of the country who voted for Trump. He will win but they are going to make it uglier than I could have ever imagined. This is shameful and I’m quite pissed.

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