2020: Is the Alt-Right and the White Right much more RESILIENT than in the past?


I am noticing the behaviour of some of the people in the Alt-Right media, the Alt-Right in general and website owners. I’m starting to form the view that they are much tougher and more resilient than ever before. I’m seeing quite a bit of creativity and above all adaption to new stresses. For example, the owner of Brighteon, which I think is the same guy as Natural News has created a new news website. He also strengthened the Brighteon video channel when it came under attack and opened it up for more free speech.

This is like Alex Linder who, earlier this year started his own Pieville Twitter type of social media.

I’m getting the feeling, generally, that the Alt-Right is not as sensitive and weak and easily demoralized as it was in the past.

This is excellent news, EVEN IF BIDEN should win the election – which was my worst fear.

But now that I’m seeing Trump’s attorney on the attack, I’m feeling much calmer.

If we can just remain resilient, then I think big things can come from it.

It is CRITICAL to FIGHT BACK and to dish out some beatings too.

We must not always sit in the corner and run and hide when a few words are thrown our way. And I think in this regard the Alt-Right is tougher and more flexible and I like that a LOT!

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