2015: Tan Staafl & Dr Pierce: Whites need their own media to counter Jewish lies…


[On the social media someone brought out this excellent quote from Tan Staafl, written 5 years ago, and truer than ever. Dr William Pierce was trying his best to build up something that could take on the Mass Media. Its something I've also dreamed of for the last 20 years. One needs to counter these lying pieces of shit who are running around in every Western country and South Africa. The one is a bigger liar and con artist than the next. Jan]

On the social media Cozy Pepe posted:

jews will have you question your own sanity. do not go insane.

Whites need to produce our own media, which offers a true perception of reality and real emotional support. Explain what the jews are doing, and how they are doing it. Counter the lie that they’re just an odd kind of “white” people who are, or could ever be, on the same side. Point out that the jews are gaslighting Whites – that their anti-White narrative about “racism”, “anti-semitism”, “blood libel”, “the holocaust”, and more is manipulative, abusive. Whites shouldn’t put up with this because it obviously isn’t good for Whites.

Source: http://age-of-treason.com/2015/02/17/gaslighting/

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