2008: The World’s best documented electoral fraud in Zimbabwe & Botswana on the edge of War


The closest that we came, in southern Africa to turning the tide against the anti-white communists of Zimbabwe was in 2008 with the election. By then the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) had built up its strength. It had already won elections, but had been cheated as usual.

However, in 2008, there were secret preparations. There were whites involved on the MDC side, including old Rhodesian soldiers. Everyone knew that Mugabe would rig the elections, so they came up with a plan to catch Mugabe out.

The MDC managed to get ZANU PF to agree to the following process: That when the votes were counted at an election station, that they were to put up a notice on the outside, with the total number of votes counted. This was a very cunning move.

The MDC set up a website, where they would count the votes. The MDC had agents at each election station take photographs of those notices once they were put up. These were then emailed or uploaded to their website, where people would capture the votes on their system.

The MDC was therefore able to count all the votes and display them on their website. Thus, when Mugabe’s rigging process took place on their centralised computers, it was glaringly obvious. I can’t remember what the vote count was. I would have to search my old database to see what I published back then. I am merely writing from memory now. But it showed that the MDC had won a massive victory against ZANU PF and they had all the supporting documentation to prove it.

Things were very tense. I recall hearing, or reading that there was a time when things were so tense that Botswana had mobilised its army and it had heavy artillery on the border with Zimbabwe. It was ready to invade Zimbabwe in support of the MDC.

Despite Tsvangirai having won a massive, outright victory, Mugabe cheated, and South Africa stepped in to “make peace”, which basically amounted to screwing Tsvangirai over. I think they brought in 3 Presidents: Mandela, Mbeki and Zuma to engage in a big con job. (I’m writing from memory).

However, Tsvangirai had done so well, that there was tension. Mugabe never liked competition.

So in March 2009, Tsvangirai and his wife were in their car, when a truck coming toward them suddenly veered into the Tsvangirai’s vehicle. He was very seriously injured and his wife was killed. All the evidence at the time pointed clearly to this being totally abnormal and it was in line with a number of other strange accidents wherein Mugabe’s opponents had been killed.

Even on Wikipedia, they speak about this with regard to the death of Tsvangirai’s wife:

All I want to say is that the Western World’s much-vaunted crowing about “democracy” in southern Africa is really utterly ridiculous when one looks at the events of 2008 in Zimbabwe.

Even stupid CNN pointed out that millions of extra ballots had been printed before the election because they were planning to rig it: http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/africa/03/27/zimbabwe.election/

2008, in my view, was the high point of the MDC, and the inability of Tsvangirai, to have some kind of MILITARY BACKING, for his HONEST CLAIM, really shattered every last hope. In many ways, it broke both Tsvangirai and the MDC itself. From then onwards, it was just a long downhill right to the present day where there is absolutely no hope of the MDC ever winning.

The masses WERE VOTING for the MDC and winning, time after time. But everyone could see that THE POWER OF THE GUN was being used to prevent actual democratic victory. Where the hell was the WESTERN WORLD during these times? Was it not aware of these events?

For those of us connected closely to Zimbabwe it was all so plainly obvious.

Here is a recent article where they discuss Mbeki’s role in helping Mugabe to steal the election:


This stuff is common knowledge. Its not even hidden.

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