2 Videos: Very Weird things happening regarding the Las Vegas massacre investigation – MGM messing big time with the Investigation? – My Analysis


[There are weird things going on here. Really strange things. Ellen sat down with Mandalay Bay security officer Jesus Campos and building engineer Stephen Schuck, who were the first people to encounter the assailant on the night of the mass shooting. People refer to this as very scripted. It is 8 minutes long and its weird.

The mere fact that this Campos guy won’t be doing any more interviews, shows that something extremely weird is going on. Notice how often they reach out to him during this interview.

The only fact in this interview that is interesting is the bracketed door. This is yet another example of fantastic planning and forethought by Paddock. Everything he did, he did so well. Where are the tools and items that he used to put these brackets on the door?

Another very weird aspect of this interview is the end. The way they go on and on about what a hero he is. To me its as if he does not believe this himself.

Here’s the strange interview with Ellen – whom I don’t trust at all. She’s a queer and she might not be Jewish directly, but she seems to be in with the Jews and very friendly to them. I’ve noticed that the Jews have a tremendous affinity for gays and sexual weirdos. So Ellen, whom I regard as talent-less, must be in with the Jews.

In the next video Tucker Carlson says that the FBI timeline for the shooting keeps changing! That should set off flashing red lights everywhere. But it gets even weirder. The company MGM seems to be interfering with the investigation a lot.

This ties back with the FBI who are taking so long to get their report out. To me its as if a lot of people are gathering together to present a prepared lie (like 911) and they want to make sure that everyone has their script right. But that Campos guy seems like a weak link in the chain and they want him out of the way forever because he might say something that’s very damaging.

In some ways, this makes me think that the HOTEL also has some role in the shooting that it needs to hide because of the lawsuits. So are the Police the only incompetents? Judging by this I don’t think so. But is MGM then putting all kinds of weird pressure on the Police?

I’m beginning to wonder if this Campos guy isn’t part of the problem? Also, the manner in which he is shot adds more questions. He claims that he was shot through the door from the back and that the shooter shot blindly through the door and managed to hit him. He claims the shooter did this because the door he closed, slammed shut loudly.

I would love to know what evidence there is of the shooter shooting this guy directly through the door. This Campos guy has something that is bothering him a lot and what he’s telling is something minus other details. Those details can only be bad for MGM. MGM is trying to pull a fast one here and it has to do with avoiding lawsuits.

I’m wondering if this Campos guy isn’t being eaten up with GUILT. If guilt is eating him up, then it may mean that he did not do his job properly and that he is partly responsible, perhaps by 6 minutes in slowing down the chance of the Police getting there. All in all, the shooting took about 10 minutes. If this guy wasted 6 minutes then DOZENS of people died due to his uselessness. That may be the issue that MGM is trying to hide and that would explain the extreme emphasis on “why he’s a hero and how many lives he saved”. That may be the big lie that MGM is trying to get out there to keep the law suits at bay.

But regardless of the lawsuits, how can MGM’s problems be allowed to mess with the Police investigation? How is it even conceivable that this can be allowed? This whole thing is weird.

Watch Tucker Carlson’s take on what is going on which indicates that the Police are themselves unable to keep their own story straight. Is this due to MGM’s interference?

I don’t know what to make of the many people interviewed by the Police who had contact with the shooter. I’ll have to chew the cud on some of this. We’ll have to see what other info comes out.

I’m not convinced there was more than one shooter. But what I do find a bit weird are the many calls the Police had of many different shooters at different locations. The fact that the (lying) Mass Media are downplaying this story (as compared to the way they couldn’t stop gunning for poor Dylann Roof), suggests to me that this entire setup is embarrassing to important people. They may have initially thought that this was something useful to them, only for them to realise that in fact, this is highly embarrassing and problematic.

This is a story we should keep our eyes on over the next year. I am seriously wondering whether the Police weren’t perhaps better at doing their job than we believe and the real problem people are the hotel owners who need to coverup their own incompetence.

I think they need Campos out of the way because he will blurt out the truth about his own incompetence and that will sink the company when the legal attack dogs of the victims tear into MGM. Why does this Campos guy need so much “healing?” He was only shot in the leg. Why is he ready to burst out crying all the time? He knows he acted like a moron and the guilt must be chewing him up. So now everyone has to “support” him emotionally, hence all the weird staged nonsense about what a “hero” he is. All garbage. This guy will screw up the lying-in-unison act so they have to get him far away from all this.

But, how can the Police allow this? The Police are supposed to look for the truth. Its easier for the Police to take the hits for incompetence because they aren’t affected financially by this. But for MGM this is a whole different story. I suppose they can allow this because this Campos crybaby isn’t really part of the cause of the crime. His actions just exacerbated it. In fact, as I ponder this story, I’d like to know more about the claim about the brackets on the door by the stairwell. That claim allows him TIME – time to get there more slowly. And in this case: Time = Dead bodies! I’m extremely interested in seeing the evidence of what actually happened in these few minutes because quite a few things don’t sound quite right. Is Campos hiding cowardice ONLY or is there other incompetence which is being hidden? I think the primary thing chewing him up is his own guilt.

The white engineer seems like a more committed company guy, a professional guy who has no problem lying when the boss tells him to. But I think this Campos guy has a BIG conscience problem and he’ll sink everyone by telling the truth, ergo they’ve got to get him out of the way forever so that the rest of them can lie in unison. That sounds pretty much like the kind of corporate thing I saw during my corporate days. The managers need to get their underlings to lie so that they don’t all sink together in one shot. There must be a *LOT* of money at stake, in victim lawsuits, ergo lots of rehearsing and lots of practice at lying. Typical pathetic, spineless corporate scum. Jan]