2 Pics: USA: A Brave White man… exposing the Jews: NAME THE JEW OR DIE ON YOUR KNEES!


[These 2 photos are from a supporter of mine, an old man, who detests what the Jews have done to America, and he doesn’t hide. He puts these stickers on his car. He says: NAME THE JEW OR DIE ON YOUR KNEES! I’ve also got stickers that can be put on envelopes.

I do like the idea of people putting up stickers. That seems to work very well in the USA. Put stickers in places where whites will see the messages. We have to get through to our people by any means. I also try tricks of my own to get the attention of whites so that I can spread the message to them.

This old guy though, puts his stickers on his car and he tells me that PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO LOOK AT HIS CAR! Americans are freaked out by any thought of anything AGAINST the Jews! Yes, that’s because they’re BRAINWASHED!

It’s no different here in South Africa. But we must do all we can. Our people need to know of this race of filth, and liars, and above all: THE TREASONOUS ENEMY WITHIN … the enemy on the door step of whites everywhere. You don’t have to go searching far. They’re in any major city near you… busy working to disembowel our countries … Just as that fine man, Adolf Hitler WARNED!

If only more whites could be like this old white guy … Don’t bend to the Jew! Stand up to him and spit in his face white man! Jan]

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