1961: Soviet Union’s monster atomic bomb that was too big to use

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[An interesting article about the Soviets trying to go mega-big on nukes. I see some people claim nukes don’t exist and others claim teeny weeny nukes exist (suitcase sized). Nukes are a fascinating topic and because of their power there’s a lot of mind-games people play regarding nukes.

When I visited the late President PW Botha, he had a book, of which only 250 copies existed. I borrowed it for a few days. It was written by the people involved in South Africa’s nuclear program. In total, it took only 1,000 white people in South Africa to design and build South Africa’s 6 nuclear weapons! They printed a very limited copy of this book and gave one copy to PW Botha. South Africa’s nuclear program under Apartheid must surely be the most successful, small scale nuclear project ever undertaken, without any fuss. They pulled off an amazing feat!

Compare it to the Soviets or the Iranians! Jan]

This mock-up of Tsar Bomba show’s the weapon’s enormous size (Credit: Science Photo Library)

You can read the full BBC story here: www.bbc.com/future/story/20170816-the-monster-atomic-bomb-that-was-too-big-to-use

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